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Lauren Spencer Smith Releases Heart Rending Single Fantasy

Edited by Anna Mengani

Lauren Spencer Smith is a 19-year-old multi-platinum singer-songwriter from Nanaimo in Vancouver Island, Canada. Lauren topped the charts with her single 'Fingers Crossed' in 2022 and followed with 'Flowers.' Both are incredibly heartbreaking songs with direct lyrics. Lauren is most known for her honest and straightforward lyrics and remarkable vocals. Lauren produces relatable songs which have all made it onto my many playlists, including her latest 'Fantasy' featuring Gayle and Em Beihold.

'Fantasy' is a remembrance of the hope you once had in a relationship and the dream you continue to have for closure. It’s about feeling like the relationship was perfect, then realizing all the horrible things without your rose-colored glasses on. Lauren recalls perceiving the actions of her partner as normal, "thought that it was normal getting treated like shit.” She is still living in her “fantasy” by hoping and wishing for closure with an apology. Of course, a person who always plays the victim is never going to admit and own up to their faults, that only happens in the movies.

Gayle joins in the second verse with her distinctive deep, raspy vocals. She discusses the supposed change their partner has made to themself. Gayle sings, what I think is one of the best lines, “acting like you care doesn’t make you self-aware.” This line exposes my frustrations because it is so hard to get someone, especially someone with a victim complex, to understand this difference. They can apologize or act as if they care about your feelings as much as they want but that does not mean they understand, accept, and will improve from their mistakes. Em Beihold enters with her light vocals. She explores the idea of her happy ever after instead of ending as a tragedy. How all she ever expected was the bare minimum and even then, her partner did not meet those expectations of at least being kind to her, “all you ever had to be was someone who was nice to me.”

All three girls have such distinctive voices on their own, hearing them paired so flawlessly and complementing each other so well was appalling to me. Em describes their experience working together as “living out our Powerpuff dream” and I completely agree. They made the perfect dream team with this single. I will continue to blast this on my car stereo with not an ounce of remorse for my eardrums. I hope to hear more incredible lyrical talent from Lauren soon!


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