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Tim Atlas: Warsaw, Brooklyn New York

Edited by Ari Hamed

On November 12th, Tim Atlas opened for the Australian indie rock powerhouse The Jungle Giants. Tim Atlas caught the attention of his audience at his hometown show in Brooklyn, New York. The energy was high at Warsaw, a popular music venue in Greenpoint Brooklyn. He brought up the already unusually warm temperature of the November night with his vivid indie-pop music mixed with influences of R&B and jazz. The venue itself was breathtaking. Warsaw donned a large mirrorball hung directly above the middle of the floor, as well as a beautiful stage framed by what looked like a literal frame. Everything was picture-perfect.

Tim and his band, made up of Xina Rie Boubreaux on bass and Zach Para on drums, opened with their track "Compromised." The song allowed for a smooth introduction to the night and sent the audience into a trance. Tim's energy built throughout the whole set, hitting a peak about midway through during a mashup of "Lady (Hear Me Tonight)" by Modjo and "One More Time" by Daft Punk. By this point, Tim's stage presence seemed to have rubbed off on the audience as everyone was jumping and dancing like crazy

His set closed with "Figure A" from his first studio album. With energy still high, Tim and his band perfectly set the vibe for The Jungle Giants to continue rocking throughout the night. Tim Atlas is supporting The Jungle Giants throughout their November US & Mexico run.

Be sure to catch The Jungle Giants on their remaining dates starting up again in January 2023!


  1. Compromised

  2. Wallflower

  3. Lady (Hear Me Tonight) / One More Time (Cover Mashup)

  4. Honeycomb

  5. Unwind

  6. Tangerine

  7. Crime of Passion

  8. Figure A


Find Tim Atlas Here


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