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Mae Krell Wraps Up 2022 With ‘Imposter Syndrome (B-Sides)’

Edited by Anna Mengani

Mae Krell is back with a B-side release of her single 'imposter syndrome (b sides).' This single is in addition to her EP from February of 2022, imposter syndrome. 'imposter syndrome (b sides)' exudes haunting folk tracks. The songs are about falling in love for the first time and realizing that maybe you might be better off without someone. Mae decided to release these two songs after reworking them. Mae states, "A lot of times my favorite tracks from an artist are the ones that almost didn't make it out, so I thought it would be only fair to give people a chance to love these songs the way I love some almost-forgotten-about ones."

At 23 years old, Mae has created a beautiful discography of folk songs that helps her process and reflect on her life and other problems she’s dealt with growing up. From self-love to past trauma, she draws her inspiration from other fellow songwriters such as Phoebe Bridgers and Gregory Alan Isakov. Her songs are a reflection of how musically talented she is, gaining millions of streams across her discography.

'(like) spring' is a lovely reflection on falling in love for the first time and how such a simple feeling can completely change someone's perspective on the world. A world that was once gray and bland is suddenly full of happiness and color. 'tooth fairy' is the polar opposite, a song discussing the realization you’re falling out of love with someone you thought you would be with forever. Mae writes about staying up late, counting the hours between the time zones, and wondering if this person is thinking about her as much as she is thinking about them. These two beautiful songs that are completely opposite come together to tell a beautiful story of life and love and how it influences the world.

Mae Krell just wrapped up a short end-of-year tour between New York and Pennsylvania, and will back up in the new year with Sofar Sounds. You can find her on social media and listen to some of her newest works down below!


Mae Krell's Social Media

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