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Maggie Lindemann Unveils New Punk Album SUCKERPUNCH

Singer/songwriter Maggie Lindemann released her newest album SUCKERPUNCH on September 16th. Maggie made herself known in 2016 with her viral pop hit "Pretty Girl" which garnered over 87 million streams on Spotify. In 2021. Maggie began to embrace an edgier sound with her debut ep PARANOIA. Her latest track "self sabotage" released on August 12th is the fifth track of her debut studio album SUCKERPUNCH.

SUCKERPUNCH embraces the rock genre with tracks "how could you do this to me?" with Sleeping With Sirens frontman Kellin Quinn and "break me!" with Siiickbrain. The album starts off with a theatrical "intro/welcome in." The daunting piano is full of anticipation accompanied by eerie low strings. The intro sounds Danny Elfman inspired in the beginning, then transitions to a hard bass. It is a perfect segway for the first song "take me nowhere." The single has heavy guitar distortion with emotional lyrics "Looking for a place unknown, letting go is all I know. Up against the undertow, spill my guts before I go 'cause nobody's real until they shatter. Poisonous promises will string you along 'til sweet turns sour. Knocking you down to take your power."

The most popular song on SUCKERPUNCH is "she knows it" with over 16 million streams. The single was released before the album and is a queer anthem as well as a pop-punk anthem. "she knows it" is about having a crush on a girl who has a boyfriend. The girl confided in Maggie about how terrible he was and ended up making Maggie feel led on. "What about the things you said that he does? And how every day with him is like some fight club. We had an instant connection when it took you two months. Yeah, we had more fun."

The last track in SUCKERPUNCH had a music video released recently. The music video reminded me of Avril Lavinge's "Complicated" music video as well as many other pop-punk music videos. The skate park, singing toward the camera, and hanging out with friends or bandmates are common tropes for pop-punk music videos that were a clear inspiration.

If you are in the New York or Los Angeles area in October, Maggie will be performing SUCKERPUNCH live head-lining for the first time ever. Tickets for her upcoming tour dates sold out fast. Maggie will be performing at Louder Than Life and Aftershock festivals as well this fall.

Upcoming Tour Dates

9/22 Louder Than Life 8 PM Kentucky Expo Center - Lousiville

10/6 Aftershock 8 PM Discovery Park - Sacramento

10/15 The Moroccan Lounge 6:30 PM - Los Angeles

10/19 Mercury Lounge 6 PM - New York

5/27/23 Slam Dunk Festival South 11 AM Hatfield Park - Hertfordshire

5/28/23 Slam Dunk Festival North 11 AM Temple - Leeds


Find Maggie Lindemann Here


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