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A Deep and Emotional Dive into Magz's Human Experience with EP 'Night Sweats'

Edited by Bethany Brandys

the shadow of a woman, with an abnormal sized moon in the background
Photo by Sabrina Steck

The human experience is complex and heavy, from mental health, loss, and pain to growth and self-discovery. One can feel a vast amount and intense emotions being very high and very low. But each time, it shows the resilience of the human spirit. And when reminded that we are not alone, we can find strength in vulnerability. From universal and personal experiences, Magz crafted Night Sweats.

NYC-based singer/songwriter and producer Magz released her debut EP with converging pop, alternative, and folk melodies. The project lets us go through all the emotions, weaving comfort, and self-reflection.

Putting her lyrics at the forefront of her experiences, Magz progresses poetically through her music. By reflection and introspection, her songwriting explores raw sentiments.

A picture of a young woman from head to waist, looking mysterious, heavily edited with blue and purple lights
Photo by Brian Spitzer

In 'Quicksand', she shares about learning the hard way: “Learned that kindness always comes at a price. No one lends a hand.” The production focuses on her vocals, making it inviting for listeners to also feel the disappointment.

Yet, ‘The Memory’ has more of a reflective and growth perception. Magz wonders what it could have been, reminiscing on fallen-through dreams: “Let’s go back to the memory. Buy that house under the willow tree. Chase that feeling that you gave me.”

Magz takes us into her emotional and ethereal world. She invites her listeners to learn from her experiences, but also to make their own and grow and transports us to another world while grounding us.

Listen to her debut EP, Night Sweats, out now!




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