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Into the R&B Abyss: Mariah the Scientist's 'To Be Eaten Alive' Tour Takes Over the Brooklyn Paramount

Words Edited by Anna Mengani

As Mariah the Scientist takes the stage at the Brooklyn Paramount on her To Be Eaten Alive tour, the crowd holds its breath, captivated by her stage presence and musical sound. The anticipation of her musical magic merging with the pulsating energy of the city that never sleeps, the entire venue began to sing along to the lyrics to one of her many hits, 'Good Times.' Mariah effortlessly connected with her crowd through forms of jokes, dedicating songs to her fans, and singing with her fans rather than at her fans. The energy that flowed through the venue as she sang fan favorites like 'Aura,' 'Note to Self,' 'Lovesick,' 'Bout Mine,' and 'Beetlejuice,' displayed a scene that can only be described as unity and relation through live music, and the love they hold for Mariah. 

Opener Chxrry22 ignites the stage with vibrant energy in her performance, setting the scene for an unforgettable night of musical enchantment


Mariah the Scientist



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