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Maryon King Releases Stellar Single Boys Will Be Boys

Pop singer/songwriter Maryon King released a heartbreak version of her newest single “Boys Will Be Boys”. Maryon’s passion for music has always been apparent throughout her childhood. When she was 18 years old and moved to London to study languages, she secretly switched to a music degree just a few months into her studies. Since then Maryon has been involved in the London music scene and has expanded her natural talent in working with others such as Aaron Forbes, Adj Buffone, Gez O’Connell, Martin Luke Brown, Pam Sheyne, and The Stereotypes.

In Maryon's latest single “Boys Will Be Boys” (Heartbreak Version) she discusses the difficulties when being in a situationship backed with piano to set a much more emotional tone to the song. Despite knowing that she’s “old enough to know it’s not my fault” as stated in the song, this line truly shows how sometimes one’s heart often overlooks acts of toxic masculinity. Though the lyrics are the same as the original version, the vocals themselves are presented in a more distressful manner. Additionally the captivating visuals in the music video exhibit Maryon alone atop mountainous terrain which ties into being left “when you’re broken”.

“Boys Will Be Boys” is just the beginning as Maryon prepares for her debut EP! We look forward to hearing her newest EP soon.


Find Maryon King Here


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