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Mickey Darling's Energetic Performance at Bogart's

Words edited by Mav Mercer

Mickey Darling's performance on April 23rd at Bogart's was more than just a show, but a party. Based on the community they've built in Cincinnati, it felt like a celebration of the music, not just a flashy show. The artists made a point to have fun with the performance, engage with audience members, and create a safe and enjoyable space to let go of the chaos of our lives. In review, despite the small production team, Mickey Darling's live show ran smoothly and left a lasting impression on fans. It reminded me that passion and energy can make a big impact, regardless of team size or production. The energy, the atmosphere, and the message of inclusivity and acceptance by the indie band duo were nothing short of inspiring.

Opening the show was Benten and his roommate Nick Wagen, close friends of Mickey Darling. The combo of these openers showed the endearing closeness of the friends. Both band's music was a perfect blend of indie and pop, with catchy beats and infectious melodies that had the crowd nodding to the beat. The lyrics of their songs are relatable and carry the stories of love won and lost, which resonated with the young audience. Standouts were Benten's 'Deadly' and Nick's 'Whatever Helps You Sleep at Night' and 'BLAH BLAH BLAH' which was co-written by Mickey Darling.

Skylar (right) and Austin (left) performing with a guitar and microphone
Mickey Darling Performance

Mickey Darling is comprised of Skylar Monlina and Austin Medrano, both Texas natives inspired by the world of bedroom pop - i.e. pop music made in one's bedroom. They both approach music with a carefree and open mind - focusing on the fun of it. As mentioned before, this creates a celebratory atmosphere at the show, focusing on jamming to the music and being yourself. The energy throughout the crowd was incredible. Many cheers for 'Reverse Cowgirl' and clapping occurred throughout the show. Skylar even danced through the crowd during 'Wallows Song.' The duo's chemistry was easygoing and fun-loving, adding to their performance.

Bogart's Music Venue provided great lighting, creating a vibrant atmosphere that complemented the band's energetic performance. The sound quality was also pretty good, most of the music being on prerecorded tracks that Austin Medrano plucked his electric guitar to, allowing the audience to fully appreciate Skylar Monlina's lyrical witticism and harmonies.

Overall, the concert was an exceptional experience, and I believe that this indie band has a bright future ahead of them. I look forward to attending more of their shows in the future and seeing how their music changes over time!



Nick Wagen

Mickey Darling



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