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MICO Has Us All In Our Feels with The Release of 'the afterparty'

Edited by Anna Mengani

Photo of MICO - afterparty
Photo Credit: Marco Muia

Yes! You read that right! MICO dropped MORE fire tracks just two months after the release of the tears we fight. Before you listen, you might want to grab a box of tissues because you won't be able to fight these tears. MICO is incredibly talented at pulling heartstrings with his lyrical prowess. However, there is just something about these that drives in the knife.

When I first listened to the song 'treat your friends,' the pre-chorus gives spine-tingling chills in the best way possible. I could thoroughly envision the feeling that they evoked.

"The way I saw it before your hands got up in my skin No, baby, let's not dance around calling it what it is"

At some point, we've all probably been in a position where no matter how badly we don't want to ruin things, we've reached a point of no return and it's either full send or a complete disaster, which based on the vibe of the rest of the song I'm going to say was the latter for the protagonist. If you've ever found yourself in a situationship or friendship but longing for answers, this might be the song you're looking for.

When I reached the chorus I was moved in a completely different way. First of all, I could feel the pain in my chest when he sang the lyrics "I hate how we play pretend only hit me when you don't wanna feel again" because I've been on that side of the conversation but also because MICO's vocal tone is incredible during this section. The high notes at pretend and again give me an extra boost of serotonin every. damn. time.

Aside from the lyrics the composition of the song itself has some incredible elements and layers to it. There's a part at about 0:45 that gives a warped synthy vibe and It's probably my favorite layer in the entire thing. MICO also lays heavy on the percussive elements, which I've noticed is very true to his music style, and it gives that extra emphasis on the dramatics in the song. Combined, these add a modern yet edgy, early 2000s nostalgia feel that is perfect. I'm also a sucker for artists adding vocal tracks to their pieces to make them feel more rough and personal. When I heard the clip at 1:30 it pretty much solidified that this was going to be added to my favorites playlist. The song ends in a way that doesn't leave a bitter taste in your mouth which is even better. After listening to it in its entirety I felt like I had been on a journey that left the conclusion of the situation open-ended but was still deeply satisfying. This song is incredibly well-constructed and lyrically brilliant.

In addition to the release of this single MICO celebrated his 21st birthday on tour and gifted us two more emotionally riveting songs. He deemed it the afterparty EP. The EP officially consists of 'better,' 'twenty-something' and, of course, 'treat your friends.'

Of the two additional songs 'better' seems to be the one with a more upbeat tempo. It, at least to me, holds space for more anger than it does sadness in comparison to its counterparts. MICO has posted many videos from his tour of this song being performed live and it seems to be well received. The crowd is often seen screaming along and jumping to the chorus which I feel is a symbol of a certified anthem.

Three specific parts of this song move me. In the first chorus when the percussion kicks in and gives a very distinctive bounce to the song, the rhythm of the guitar layers are also very tangy and rhythmically bouncy in the best way possible but they are stylized in a way that is unique specifically to MICO's music which I find very cool. Thirdly, the harmonizing and layering of vocal tracks in this song are incredible and makes me appreciate all the behind-the-scenes that goes into producing a song. The attention to detail is impeccable. I imagine this song being on his set list for a long time coming.

The second additional song goes by the title of 'twenty-something'. This song is possibly my favorite of the three. As always MICO has an incredible knack for moving lyricism that pairs perfectly with his raw attention to detail and aesthetics within the production of his tracks. If you're in your twenties and feel like up until this point you've felt lost, this song will probably hit you right in the feels. The lyrics themselves were more than relatable and I'm sure many other listeners can see themselves within the story as well. The sound of this tune itself is very soft and gives off almost an acoustic coffee house vibe. It feels very intimate and somber, giving us a tiny look into the emotion that MICO puts into his music and his thought process as an artist. There's a harmony at 1:36 in this song (specifically on the word run) that gives me chills almost every time I've listened to it. As emotional as this song is, it's also incredibly beautiful.

One of the lines in the song reads "watching all my tears dry out" and I can't help but think that this is an ode to the end of 'the tears we fight' era and came full circle in preparation for MICO's next adventure. There's something to be said about a musical artist that can not only lyrically paint a picture but also move someone through melody and I think that MICO executes this perfectly at any chance he's given. This one will forever hold a place in my favorite playlists.

MICO has worked hard over the past few years to catapult himself into musical greatness. He was one of my personal top 5 artists and songs on my 2023 Spotify Wrapped and I feel honored to have him there. I hope that in the future he grazes many more charts and finds his way into many more hearts. The future is bright for MICO and I can't wait to see what he works on next. If you haven't already go listen to his latest EP. You won't regret it.

Authors Note:

MICO has been documenting his tour on social media so be sure to check those out! For more updates on 'the afterparty' and other MICO projects be sure to check out both his Instagram and website.


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