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MIN Shows Off Her Story Of Freedom In Her Lead EP 'Prime Time'

Edited by Iceis Augusino

MIN album cover
Photo credits: Lauren Nakao Winn

Ex-K-Pop Idol MIN, from the now-disbanded second-generation girl group miss A (2010 - 2017), has released her first EP named Prime Time. The EP was released on June 21st! It is a short, four-track EP, but it is full of her talking about her independence and wanting to be her own person after her extensive career in the K-Pop industry. Her lead single, the title track of the EP, is a poppy dance track that still shows her past in K-Pop. This song is about self-empowerment and self-discovery. This track features rapper Lil Cherry, who adds spice to the dance track. The song itself is about giving yourself the prime time to do whatever your heart desires to make yourself happy. This shows a lot about her transition from K-Pop to being a solo artist in the lyrics and the music. The other tracks include 'Shimmy (Skip),' which is a fun dance track, and I loved dancing to it, 'M.A.W. (Might as Well),' which is a softer, slower pop song that is absolutely beautiful musically and lyrically, and lastly '(Happy Plant) A Call From Grandma,' which is just a precious phone conversation between MIN and her grandma about a plant that is growing in her house that makes her happy and is a rare occurrence for the both of them. That last track is special to her because it is something intimate, kind, and a way to commemorate the relationship she has with her family.

MIN has shared “I hope that this EP is one that empowers people. That instills in the listeners hope and an empowerment that you, too, can live the way that you’d like without having to answer to any critics and naysayers.” MIN also states that she has always been musically inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, Prince, and Destiny's Child. MIN is quoted as saying, "After existing within the K-pop industry for so long, I felt as though I had to exist within a certain mold, look a certain way, dress a certain way, etc." This was when she decided to move to New York and start over fresh with her own musical journey. She also made her debut on Broadway in a show called KPOP, which was a boundary-breaking show and showed off not only her acting skills but her musical skills as well.




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