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MINA Kicks Off 2023 With Single 'The One That Got Away'

Switzerland native and independent singer-songwriter, MINA, is back with a second single! Gaining inspiration from popular R&B artists such as Gabrielle, Sade, Norah Jones, and Alicia Keys. 'The One That Got Away’ is a ballad inspired by the heartbreak and experiences MINA had throughout her life. With smooth vocals and old-school-inspired R&B tracking, MINA brings a timeless track to a modern demographic. Her strong lyrics tied with her strong voice have created a moving song that flows with jazz-based composing. With such a wonderful combination, this single is set up for a lovely success.

MINA writes 'The One That Got Away’ so that listeners can understand that your first heartbreak will always be extremely saddening, but that time will heal and that these feelings aren’t forever. She wrote the song from her own experiences, and how disheartening she felt following her first breakup.

Writing from past experiences, MINA grows her discography with the help of composer Nathan Britton, producer Brando Walker, and mixer Phil Marsden. With the help of a great team, MINA also got help with co-arranger Devonshire Soul. This team used their highly experienced background to help create a wonderful new single

Now based in London, MINA has grown into her new surroundings, experiencing new things that motivate her to write more. Ever since she moved into her new home, MINA has been performing regularly at Bush Hall and other popular venues in London.

'The One That Got Away’ is one of many singles MINA plans to release in 2023, so keep an eye and an ear out! You can follow MINA on her socials down below, and we look forward to seeing what more she releases soon.


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