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Moodaxo Releases Her Soul-Touching Debut Single 'Not Meant To Be'

Edited by Anna Mengani

Moodaxo posing for her debut single cover
Photo credit: Terrance Veals

Moodaxo is a cellist, singer, and songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. She combines different elements from genres like pop, r&b, hip-hop, and soul with orchestral elements to create her unique sound. She released her long-awaited debut single 'Not Meant To Be,' on May 26th.

The single combines a smooth soulful atmosphere with peaceful string elements, and a personal, relatable heartfelt lyrical message. The beginning of the song has a chill, relaxing vibe of an intro, which leads into the beginning of the first verse, which comprises of the soft pluck of string instruments and Moodaxo's light, serenely passionate voice, which remains throughout the remainder of the song. The isolation of just the orchestral elements in the song elevates and compliments Moodaxo's vocals, which allows for the song to pack a heavier meaningful punch. As Moodaxo traverses through the song she lyrically delivers the message of prioritizing yourself in relationships and accepting that sometimes no matter how much you want to make things work, in some cases letting go and moving on is the best choice you can make for yourself. With lyrics like

"This is another story 'bout a boy and girl / Typical college shit I thought he was my world / Sometimes you want something, but it's not meant to be / At the end of the day just wanna be happy."

- Moodaxo

The song comes to a close with the same elements from the intro slowly fading away into silence. Leaving the listener with the impactful message that Moodaxo delivered in her pristine, comfortingly warm debut single 'Not Meant To Be.'

'Not Meant To Be' is a perfect listen for anyone searching for clarity on ending a relationship for their own well-being, while also desiring a calm comforting atmosphere and sound.


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