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Moon Walker Brings Fall Tour To North Carolina

Words edited by Anna Mengani

Saturday, October 21st was a fun and energetic night as Moon Walker brought their tour to their second stop in Chapel Hill, North Carolina!

Photos by Bethany Brandys

Nordista Freeze

The night kicked off with an incredibly fun and wild start when Nordista Freeze took the stage!

An indie band hailing from Nashville, Tennessee has a presence I can honestly say I have never seen before. The singer's crowd interaction was a show all on its own! The way he was able to play off the energy of the band and give that energy to the crowd to create a wildly crazy and exciting set was something you'd definitely need to experience for yourself firsthand!

Moon Walker

After such a thrilling and exciting set from Nordista Freeze the crowd was highly anticipating Moon Walker as they took the stage to begin their set. It was truly astonishing to see the energy of the crowd continue to grow as each song of the set was sung, and it was absolutely explosive when Moon Walker covered Britney Spears 'Baby One More Time.' You know the fans were enjoying it immensely because the cheers could be heard throughout the whole venue!


Moon Walker

Nordista Freeze


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