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Insider Scoop: Swedish Rock Band, Mother Mersy Dropping New Single, "Can't Move" & New Album Info

Edited by Iceis Augustino

Emil, Emmanuel, Svante, and Erik of Mother Mersy standing in the desert.

Photo Cred: Mother Mersy

I got to sit down with my friends and Swedish Rock band Mother Mersy and talk about their new single, 'Can't Move', which was released on Friday, April 5th, and their new album that will be coming later this year. We had a small conversation about the song and the album and just enjoyed ourselves. Mother Mersy was formed in 2015 by Emil and Erik, but Svante and Emmanuel joined shortly after the release of the debut album. Can't Move’ is the first single they have released since their first album, From Above, released in 2022. This song is full of raw rock and roll. It is fun, it is bouncy, it is just a good time in music. Speaking to the boys showed how much fun they had recording the song and the meaning behind it, which I think is just absolutely hilarious. They are a "serious band, but very unserious people in general", but this band is one of the greatest groups that I have ever interacted with. If you like bands like Led Zeppelin and Greta Van Fleet, I definitely think you should check this song out and get excited for their new album this fall. Here's a bit of the conversation I had with Emmanuel, Emil, Svante & Erik, aside from the many jokes and laughs we shared through the conversation.

T: So, Emmanuel wrote the new single,['Can't Move'], correct? What exactly is it about?

Emmanuel: Yes, I did. I feel that it's kind of like a party song, [almost]. It's like an adrenaline kick [it has an upbeat] tempo, and [it's really] in your face. I wanted to write something really energetic. I felt we needed a fast song. The lyrics are about trying to capture the frustration of when you're with someone who is perfect on paper, but the vibes aren't there, and there's no chemistry. I thought a fun metaphor for that is that you're in the club with the hottest person there, but they're a terrible dancer. Everyone jokes about you being with this person, but you're upset that they can't dance. [The boys then joke about never hearing the story behind the song after this. (Side note: Emmanuel did not personally experience this situation).]

T: I know you wanted an energetic sound for the song. Was there a band that you wanted to [try to] emulate the energy from?

Emmanuel: I was thinking about ZZ Top and just made it twice as fast and played harder. I feel like there is [some] slight influence from [the] Swedish band, The Hellacopters. I feel like there's a slight nod to 80's rock bands in the choruses. It almost touches on Glam Rock territory before going back to blues rock. I think it's a nice new era of sounds for our music. We needed to be serious towards the blues rock, but now we just do whatever is fun to play, instead of being strict in genres.

Svante: This is the first song we have played together since Emmanuel and I joined the band. So, it was a nice start to the band being the group it is now. We don't have to replicate the Mother Mersy sound. [We] just make it Emmanuel's song and put our vibes [in it].

T: What inspired the name Mother Mersy, for the band?

Emil: It was a bass player we used to have. He was from Iceland, and it was inspired by the art nouveau movement. It was inspired by the paintings of women in nature and it just sounded good with an old album artwork we had. It was an issue with a band that had a similar spelling, but they were around first, so we just changed the spelling.

T: You have a new album coming out this year, what is the name of it and when is it coming out?

Emil: The second album, we thought we needed to be less pretentious than the title of our debut, which was From Above. We decided on naming the second album, Sloppy Seconds. This album is supposed to come out in the fall. However, we do plan on a few more single releases before the album drops. Possibly in the Spring and Summer of this year.

Go check out the song, 'Can't Move', and their other music now.

Mother Mersy


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