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Naga Brujo Releases Energy-Filled EP, Canceled

Naga Brujo is a femme and queer punk band from Austin, Texas. Their music is energetic, spunky, contagious and full of raw emotions. The band consists of Jake Mumps (guitar and vox), Asia Reign Gonzalez (lead vox), Jacob Lyons (bass), and Ryan Woessner (drummer). Naga Brujo's latest EP, Canceled was released recently on January 6th, 2023. The band busted into the rock music scene in 2020 with their debut album and has been keeping their momentum going since!

Canceled starts off with the single, 'Sick Sad World.' The song is a strong start to a killer EP. The band ties the song together with the lead vocalist's punk vocals, bombastic drums, and textured guitar riffs.

The next song, 'Black Magick' is my personal favorite from Canceled. The vocals immediately grab your attention with the 80s rock sound. The song is fierce and hooks you in from the start. Although the song is over 5 minutes, it doesn't bore you for a second. The energy is strong from start to finish, develops into an unexpected territory that is enjoyable, and then brings all the energy back like an adrenaline rush.

'Slug' showcases the drummer and guitarists at the beginning of the song. Everything about Naga Brujo's sound is fun, exciting, fresh, and empowering. The band adds their own modern touch and distinct sound. 'Slug' is a song about how they don't care.

The last track on their EP, 'Fever Dreamer' is an epic closure to Canceled. Expect the unexpected with 'Fever Dreamer,' and seamless transitions that display the bands' talent.

We are looking forward to hearing more music from Naga Brujo, and a music video they have planned for spring! Check out their social media below.


Naga Brujo's Social Media


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