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NCT 127 Unleashes Newest Album 2 Baddies

Over one month after announcing they’d be releasing their next album, NCT 127 returns with the spectacular cyberpunk-themed album 2 Baddies! The album was a big hit, consisting of multiple genres like R&B and hip hop, and themes to make a true work of art. Whether you want to relax or dance, this album has something for you. Released in both CD and digital format, 2 Baddies contains 12 unique songs. The style of music for NCT is completely new, with almost all the members showcasing their rap skills, we’re here for it!

“2 Baddies'' was pre-released a day before the official album's release on September 15th. With a combination of both intense rapping and smooth vocals paired with an infectious beat, this song oozes swag, making you want to dance. “Crash Landing”, one of my personal favorite songs on the album, has an ethereal sound with a smooth beginning, a chill beat, and R&B vibes. The vibe of this song is sweet and romantic. NCT never misses with vocals. I could listen to it all day!

“Gold Dust” is laid back with soft vocals and a chill beat. It feels like a good song to listen to while you’re unwinding or relaxing. “Time Lapse”, co-written by members Mark Lee and Taeyong, has a classic R&B vibe with modern beats and a nice tune. "Tasty” has a different sound from the rest of the album. It consists of laid-back rapping, almost speaking on a rhythm, with vocals only beginning in the later half of the song. The beat is very catchy and futuristic sounding.

NCT 127 has explored multiple genres with their music since their debut song “Firetruck” in 2016. They're an extremely popular and well-rounded group, with members coming together from all over the world to achieve the same dream. Hailing from The United States, Canada, Japan, and South Korea, there is immense cultural diversity in this group. They continue to impress us with their versatility by releasing hit after hit. I know they’re working hard and I look forward to what they come out with next!


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