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Neon Straightjackets have us 'SCATTERBRAINED' with their debut album 'Ex-Girlfriends and Ecstasy'

Edited by Anna Mengani

Cover Image Credit: Jenna Dunlap

Hailing from northwest Ohio, Neon Straightjackets is bringing the 90s grunge scene back with their new debut album Ex-Girlfriends and Ecstasy. Forming in April 2021, the band consists of four members; Larry Stahl on guitar and main vocals, Mikey Cramer on vocals and bass, Colton Lloyd on vocals and drums, and Johnny Hopkins on guitar. They formed in Paulding County, Ohio, and have competed together in the Rock Creek Battle of the Bands. After winning their first-ever Battle of the Bands, they've gone on to play on radio stations such as ALT 99.5 and ALT 102.3's Homegrown Spotlight Showcase in Indiana.

When discussing the inspiration of their debut album, the band says, "This album was created from very personal experiences and we can't wait for everyone to hear it." They continue on by discussing how their main goal since beginning the band, was to connect with their audience and help them relate and get over the hardships we all face in life. With such an inspirational and powerful message behind the album, Neon Straightjackets is on the road to success.

The album, Ex-Girlfriends and Ecstasy, is a solid debut album from a new and upcoming band. While the vocals may lack some expression and variety, the composition elements, as well as each member's connection with their instrument, shine through with incredible combinations and riffs. My favorite track on the album has to be "INSERT COIN." The track is a brief little interlude slipped in the middle of the album, providing listeners a chance to process the album's first half and prepare themselves for the second half. It's catchy and repetitive and perfect for the theme of the album. Other songs like, "See You Soon," show those 90s grunge themes the band revolves around. It's reminiscent of the transfer from the late 80s to the early 90s and the bass really sits with you as you continue listening.

We look forward to seeing what more Neon Straightjackets has in store for us and other listeners as they continue through their musical journey and bring back that 90s grunge style we all love! You can follow them on their socials below, and check them out at some local shows in Ohio.

Upcoming 2023 Tour Dates

May 5th - The Nine O' Nine (Muncie, Indiana)

May 6th - O'Sullivan's (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

May7th - Legacy Ink (Lima, Ohio)

May 27th - The Regal Beagle (Ypsilanti, Michigan)

June 17th - Paulding County Fair (Paulding, Ohio)

June 23rd - Studio 211 (Antwerp, Ohio)

June 24th - THe Ottawa Tavern (Toledo, Ohio)


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