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Get 'Connected' with No Project One's Debut Single

If there was ever a perfect place to record a rock song, an old house with broken windows and crushed walls behind an abandoned car workshop would be high up on the list. So it’s no wonder that No Project One’s debut single is as fantastic as it is. With its unique vocals and riffs that you can’t help but bang your head to, 'Connected' is a promising start by people who have been around the block before and are ready to try something new.

Composed of childhood best friends Jesper Møller and Jakob Hjarsø, No Project One’s name is more than a cool-sounding series of words. It’s a representation of their history, where they’re going, and where they’ve been.

“To us, No Project One means that you rarely succeed in what you do the first time around –that everything must be tried and explored. This project reflects our abilities, curiosity, and ideas that narratively tells the story of where we are and the fact that this band is No Project One.”

-Jesper and Jakob

Described as a song about “human connection and feeling comfortable in what you do, where you are and with whom”, it’s a pure rock song that belies years of experience in hip-hop and ambient soundscapes. At 23, both have been producing music in other genres for years. At the same time, they were constantly talking about getting together to create rock and punk songs. With 'Connected,' they have certainly succeeded.

The track lacks a polish you find in most songs today, a good thing if you’re going for a punk-inspired sound. It’s the type of song that’s most at home at a basement show, but if this debut is anything to go by, No Project One deserves a much bigger audience than that.


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