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Noah Kahan: The Stick Season Tour Wows Tampa

Edited by Anna Mengani

On October 10th, 2023, I found my way to the MIDFLORDIA Credit Union Amphitheatre in Tampa, Florida for one of my favorite shows I've seen in a while. The opener Samia was absolutely amazing and her energy was spectacular. The stage presence she had was phenomenal and the band was incredible. The crowd went wild for her. I found out later that she has opened for boygenius and MUNA at past music festivals. I'd never heard her music before the show, but I will definitely be adding some of her music to my playlists. Samia's music is indie folk-pop, just like the headliner of the tour Noah Kahan.

Truthfully, I didn't get into Noah Kahan's music until earlier this year when his biggest hit 'Stick Season' popped up one day during an indie station on my Spotify. After that, I was hooked. He's dominating the music scene at just 26 years old. I was captivated by the stories behind his songs, and the way he told his own life stories through the lyrics. He was so open and honest about his struggles with therapy and depression, even at the show. He joked with the crowd that they were all there because they were depressed. He played songs with his band but then played a few songs by himself with just his guitar. Since it was National Mental Health Awareness Day, he actually played a song he'd never played before or will play again, called 'Shape of My Shadow,' which had me in tears. It was a song about his own struggles with mental health, and body image issues. The song was so deep and perfect. I related to the song far more than I'd like to admit to. It was amazing he was able to capture so much emotion in one song.

Noah played so many of his most popular songs, including 'False Confidence,' 'Maine,' 'Stick Season,' 'Homesick,' 'Orange Juice,' and my favorite, 'Dial Drunk.' Unfortunately, I didn't get to hear 'Call Your Mom,' which is his newest song, that he wrote with Lizzy McAlpine, but I believe he replaced it with 'Shape of My Shadow,' for mental health awareness. During 'Dial Drunk,' he wore a pirate hat that a fan had given him from the barricade. It was absolutely hilarious. He also wore a Remy the Rat plush on his shoulder for a few songs. All you could hear through every song was the crowd screaming along with him, it was so beautiful. During one of the songs, the entire arena went dark. All you could see were the lights of everyone's phone lights swaying to the songs.

Noah has amassed such a beautiful fanbase, and he's nearly sold out his entire We'll All Be Here Forever Tour for next year. Maybe you can catch him in a city near you on the next tour! Check out the remaining tour dates here! Whether I like to believe it or not, this concert was really special to me. I've never seen such a peaceful and fun show all at once. Everyone was just having the best time. I think that is the definition of a perfect concert, even with how humid it was outside.



Noah Kahan


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