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Palaye Royale Release Boundary Breaking Album Fever Dream

Words edited by Anna Mengani

Palaye Royale released their 4th album Fever Dream recently, almost a full year after the release of their single "No Love In LA.” I am in love with their new era. There is a multitude of catchy lyrics, rock influences, and tangy chords that are sure to set our hearts on fire. With each album release, Palaye Royale has grown into their sound and style. Each album is deeper than the last and this is noticeable with Fever Dream. This album brings a sense of heartbreak that only Palaye Royale can bring, but in the best way imaginable.

The best songs on this album are "Toxic In You,“ "King of the Damned“ and "Wasted Sorrow.“ The lyrics coincide perfectly with the album concept. Fever Dream does a fantastic job of tugging at the seams of your teen angst. Palaye Royale has also done amazing at keeping the concept of the album‘s music videos in correlation with the aesthetics of the rest of the album, which emphasizes their talents even more.

"Lifeless Stars“ is a beautiful song. It lyrically and musically gives a sense of

unity. The song is a teenage angst anthem for those of us who are no longer teens, for anyone who feels lost, and for those of us who might still be searching for our purposes in our mid-20s. My favorite lyrics from the song are "we all have teenage scars defining who we are don’t let nobody break you down even if they wanna make your light go out." These lyrics are what younger me really needed to hear, but even more so the current me. It speaks to a generation that is ever-changing and growing through the acceptance of mental health and standing out. I think that this type of lyrical genius mixed with Rem’s grave-like vocals, all of the boys’ musical gifts and style lends itself to their punk rock roots.

Over the past few years, Palaye Royale has been thriving. It has been amazing to see

the growth from their albums such as Boom Boom Room to Fever Dream. If you’re an emo kid or simply looking to branch out into a renaissance of rock musical bliss, I highly recommend checking out this album. I am so excited to see what they bring about next!


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