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Paramore Introduces A New Era With This Is Why

Paramore was formed in 2004 and made their debut with the album Conspiracy. Hayley Williams, Paramore's singer/songwriter rose to the charts with a feature in B.O.B’s hit single “Airplanes” in 2010. Paramore then made the charts as a band with their single "The Only Exception” which peaked at number 31. Paramore topped the charts a couple more times with their most common singles “Still Into You” and “Ain’t It Fun” in 2013. The rock band released their last album After Laughter in 2017 and has not released anything since. After five years Paramore returns with an incendiary single and the announcements of a new album.

"This Is Why" focuses on the unfortunate struggles of living in today’s time period. Having to come out of your comfort and as soon as you do, you’re confronted by everyone's unwarranted opinions. Paramore expresses that the world feels like a “survival of the fittest,” where not everyone was born to survive the spiteful society. "The bridge, one step beyond your door falling down an endless hall,” illustrates the perception of stepping out of your comfort zone and immediately being shoved down with others' negativity. Many people can relate to this even more so since the pandemic. One would think people would be more kind to others with the world feeling like everything that can possibly go wrong is going wrong. Yet there is no more kindness and positivity in the world, instead, it appears to only get worse.

I have been listening to this song on repeat and will continue while excitedly waiting for their album release and music video!

Listen to Paramore’s new single “This Is Why” and "if you have an opinion / might be best to keep it to yourself.”


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