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PLVTINUM Releases Deadly Single DIE4MYBITCH

Singer, songwriter, and producer PLVTINUM is back to bless our ears with his newest single, "DIE4MYBITCH." PLVTINUM is an extremely popular musician with the 2016 viral hit "Champagne & Sunshine" and a growing fanbase of 2.3 million listeners, and 1 billion cumulative streams. "DIE4MYBITCH" is a brilliant introduction to his upcoming EP. The single is sinister with self-awareness attached to it. His latest music releases have had playful undertones with lyrics full of acknowledgment.

"On one hand, my instinct to engage in possessive behavior can be destructive to my relationships, on the other, it can lead to elevated passion and loyalty. This song acts as a device for cathartic expression - instead of attempting to rationalize my more unsavory attributes, I lean into them.”


PLVTINUM's attitude as an artist is a mix of suburban misfit and pop-punk because he is unapologetically himself. His music is a blend of EDM instrumentation with pop R&B vocals. "DIE4MYBITCH" is a single I can listen to repeatedly. The sonic palette is interesting with hi-hat beats, adlibs, and cuts in the backing audio that makes the track sound adrenalizing. At the end of the track, there is a cool touch usually heard in rap and R&B music where he attaches a voice message to the end. The voicemail sounds as if someone in management is telling PLVTINUM that he needs to try to appeal to the TikTok audience.

We look forward to hearing PLVTINUM's upcoming EP!




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