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Reality Suite's Glamorously Dazzling Single 'Legendary'

Edited by Metztli Mengani

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Photo credit: Reality Suite

On March 22nd, 2024, North Haledon, New Jersey's commandingly vibrant rock band Reality Suite illuminated the scene with their latest single, 'Legendary.' The band has set the New Jersey scene alight over the years with their catchy choruses, grooving instrumentals, and distinctly dominant vocals. With the opening track from their 2019 album, Awaken (Deluxe), 'Kiss the Ring' gathering a swift collection of 160,350 Spotify listens since its release, it's abundantly clear this is just the beginning for Reality Suite.

‘Legendary’ is a pounding, glorious anthem. It is full of grandiose gang vocal harmonies, a grounded yet punchy instrumental melody, power-demanding vocals, and an overall sonic atmosphere chocked full of striking, glamorous confidence. The song takes you through an exhilaratingly triumphant listening journey of bedazzling rock glory.

Easing you into the experience with an alluring, bright guitar melody, the song adds in the casual rhythmic cymbal hits bracing you in the beginning. With added layers of gang vocals, you quickly realize you’re about to be whisked into an experience of rock and roll grandeur. With the noteworthy powerful lead vocals making the grand declaration, “We are legendary.” You’re buckled in for an upcoming richly ambitious auditory trip that’s about to unfold.

As you go through the verses, you’re met with a stabilizing, deeply rooted guitar riff, mellow and steady yet attention-grabbing drums, and the light yet deeply rich bass, which create a dense yet elegant sonically supportive layer. As tauntingly tempting vocals lead you through the verses, piquing your interest, you’re met with a pop of exhilarating excitement as the guitar locks into a turbulent grinding riff for the second half of the verse, hyping you up for the electrifying chorus.


Gliding through the chorus starts with absolute thumping drums. You’ll have no choice but to give in and bob your head in unison. Charged guitars take the lead. Epic, massive gang vocals layered under the lead vocals present you with a grand, valorous atmosphere. With the pounding simple chorus melody rattling in your head, you’ll quickly be singing along word for word. As you get the cathartic release of the bold vocal delivery of the lyrics “We are legendary.” You’re fully engaged going forward.


After the second chorus delivery, you’re greeted by an instrumental fill period filled with a strikingly flashy, jaw-drop-worthy guitar solo. As it becomes slightly more of a cooled down, sharply constructed atmosphere, in conjunction with the short bridge, it acts as a refreshing rest period. Allowing you to refresh yourself before thrusting you into the last hoorah of the final chorus.


‘Legendary’ is a song full of a hard-hitting dazzling instrumental, passionate burning vocals, infectiously easy vocals melodies, and a delightfully luxurious lyrical tale. The track takes you through an easy-to-follow, blazingly resplendent rock and roll journey you are not soon to forget.

Reality Suite


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