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Ripe Has NYC in a Chokehold with SOLD OUT Terminal 5 Tour Stop

Photo credit: Brent Goldman

The energy walking into Terminal 5, (located in Manhattan's Hells Kitchen) on April 15th was insane. The line was long even after the doors opened, and there were tons of people inside from the ground floor to the third floor. The two openers Couch and Melt were amazing. Although the crowd was there primarily for Ripe, the crowd roared for the opening bands and gave them the cheers they deserved. Both opening bands were crazy talented and I would pay to see them perform at their own shows. The atmosphere was consistent, fun, and light.

The lights on the stage were so colorful with floating globe-like balls. When Ripe came on, it turned to a Bright Blue, like the same of their latest sophomore album. The crowd cheered for the band's meer presents and presentation. Ripe first came to be at Berklee College of Music. Their music includes deep funk, jazz, and pop melodies. The band is made up of singer Robbie Wulfsohn, guitarist Jon Becker, drummer Sampson Hellerman, and trombonist Calvin Barthel.

My favorite moment of the show was Ripe playing their single 'Paper Cups.' The lights dimmed and the band asked couples to slow dance to this song. Every album deserves a great acoustic, romantic single. The lyrics are sweet and filled the audience with emotion. It was a sweet and somber moment in their energetic show.

I would see Ripe again in concert, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a great show with some amazing instrumental moments. Check out their social media below!


Ripe's Social Media


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