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rooms Mellow Yet Emotional New Album Don't be yourself

Don't be yourself is an album recently released on December 11th by indie-rock band rooms. rooms, also formerly known as i make earthquakes, is based in Vancouver. Don't be yourself is their third full-length album. The album features twelve songs with diary-like lyrics. The songs are direct, relatable, and infused with memorable melodies. Some common themes throughout the album are work pressure, housing crisis, and lost friendships.

The album contains raw emotions, that give the music an intimate feeling. While listening to Don't be yourself, you will feel like the band is speaking their story to you directly. I felt that feeling the most with their song 'You'll be at home.'

The song starts with gentle guitar strumming and first-person vocals. "I look at your face now, changing and telling me everything that I will ever need to know. You'll have it all and you'll help me, and I will hold you as long as you need. You told me it would be okay." The instrumental reminded me of The Front Bottoms with the mute trumpet, but with mellow vocals and sad chords.

The second to last song on Don't be yourself, 'Get Out of My Room' is also another song that caught my attention. The song brings a somber touch to the album with nostalgic chords full of reverb. The music video for 'Get Out of My Room' evokes the feeling of watching an old home video that makes you feel bittersweet later in life.

rooms does an amazing job at telling stories through their songwriting and instrumentation, as well as their captivating yet simple music videos. We look forward to hearing more music from them in 2023. Check out their social media below!


Room's Social Media


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