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ROSIE's Journey of Self-Love is Heard with Single 'Good For Me'

Edited by Anna Mengani

ROSIE is an up-and-coming artist having already opened for Chelsea Cutler last Spring and more recently for Jake Scott and November 2022. She also collaborated with Joshua Basset and John K. The singer/songwriter/producer is an advocate for mental health and takes pride in being authentic and transparent. She wants to show everything as it is, good days and bad days, and be realistic about her emotions and feelings.

"Good For Me" by ROSIE is a recent single with emotional vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and a balladesque production. The lyrics are an unfiltered approach to heartbreak. The single is about insecurities and the pursuit of understanding our self-worth.

Throughout the song, ROSIE shares and reflects on a relationship, thinking this is what she is worth and letting that person go might ruin her chances at love. This is a recurrent theme in someone’s 20s and is highly relatable. However, ROSIE finishes on a hopeful note, saying "One Day, I’ll wake up, see that I’m enough."

"Good For Me" is about my journey with self-love and how it took me loving and losing someone else to see that I need to find my worth within myself. The song taught me that you can’t feel joy without feeling pain too and that love isn’t linear.”


With "Good For Me" being her third single of 2022, we can look forward to her upcoming projects in the new year.


Find more about Rosie here


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