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Sam Hunt Brings His Outskirts Tour to Greensboro NC

Words edited by Iceis Augustino

Sam Hunt made a stop in Greensboro, NC, for his Outskirts tour, bringing Brent Young and Lily Rose with him. It was a night filled with good friends and good music.

Lily Ross

First up for the night was Lily Rose. She instantaneously connected to the audience and showed how easily she kept the fans engaged during her set. Her mix of originals and cover songs made for a performance that all audience members were bound to enjoy. Her stage presence and charisma kept the crowd grooving with her, and before you knew it, her set was over, but her impression on the crowd was everlasting.

Brett Young

Brett Young was second up and continued the momentum from Lily Rose. From the second the lights came on, and Brett walked on stage, the crowd was screaming enthusiastically for him. From the first song to the very last note of the set, Brett took fans on an emotional rollercoaster. He not only sang his songs with an incredible amount of feeling and love for what he does, he shared little stories from his personal life that made the audience swoon over every word and lyric.  

Sam Hunt

The anticipation from the crowd as they waited in darkness was the main reason we were all there. Sam Hunt took the stage to a roaring approval from fans. He quickly drew the crowd in and gave fans a real surprise when he immersed himself in the crowd as he walked around the whole arena during 'House Party'. The audience stayed captivated and in awe of Hunt’s outstanding showmanship on stage. Not only were fans enthralled with his songs, but they were also thrilled with his little anecdotes throughout the night. Hunt made a big arena feel like a small, intimate club and left the audience with no doubts about how captivating an artist he is. There are only a few more stops on this tour for Hunt. But have no fear because you’ll be able to catch him on tour again soon!

Lily Rose

Brett Young

Sam Hunt


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