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Samara Lennoxx, It's Their World

Samara Lennox's 'My World' cover photo

Samara Lennox (they/them) is an upcoming Mexican-American non-binary pop artist from Seattle. Their newest single, 'My World' was released on May 5th. The single is the fifth track of What Are You Running From, their upcoming debut album. 'My World' highlights the perspective of someone living with severe anxiety. Throughout the song, Samara has a way of portraying a narrative of anxiety as a living person, a woman. She is not only living in a world but is trapped. Anxiety has a way of making someone feel trapped, isolated, claustrophobic, unable to live, and worst of all consumed with fear.

"I've always struggled with anxiety. I remember when I was diagnosed with an anxiety and panic disorder in high school and being genuinely shocked to find out not everyone felt like that all the time. It's more than just being overstimulated it's this skin-crawling, impending doom that just never ends. Over time I've found things that help but I wish I had realized earlier I wasn't being "crazy" or a "drama queen." I was just anxious. More than 31% of people in the U.S. suffer from an anxiety disorder. It's much more common than you'd think. We aren't alone in this."


'My World' starts with a synth organ and a pop beat. The first lyric you hear is, 'I know you hear her voice sometimes, saying baby it's my world.' The lyrics indicate that the woman/the anxiety is speaking to them. The anxiety is portrayed in 'My World' as having complete control of Samara, and it sets the stage for the theme of their debut album coming soon.

We are looking forward to the release of What Are You Running From. Check out Samara's social media below; SLX will be performing at the Capital Hill Block Party from July 21st - July 23rd!


SLX's Social Media

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