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Shygirl: Nymph Tour Pt 1, Theater of Living Arts, Philly

Cover photo by Charlotte Wales

Walking into the venue on April 6th, 2022 I had never listened to Shygirl before. I had no idea what to expect going in. When I walked through the venue doors at the Theater of Living Arts in Philadelphia, I was entranced by the DJ's bass, the bright luminescent lights, and the shiny chandeliers coming from the ceiling. The DJ opener started at 8:30 PM and had an hour-long set. The music was a mix of bombastic trap beats, random vocalization in the music, and had a house feel. The energy of the crowd felt like I was in a club. There was a bar to the right of the entrance, and audience members dancing the night away waiting in anticipation for Shygirl.

The DJ had a way of moving the crowd, and getting everyone even more hyped up for Shygirls set. The venue smelled like perfume, alcohol, and weed, and had the distinct vibe of an underground club setting. As the Dj's set ended, the crowd roared for Shygirl.

Shygirl's set started at 9:35 PM. Audience members immediately started rushing towards the stage and screaming Shygirls name. She had an amazing stage presence and a way of moving the crowd. As someone who had never previously heard her music, I immediately started listening to her music as I drove back home to New Jersey. Some of the crowd's favorite songs were, 'Coochie (a bedtime story),' 'Shlut,' and 'FREAK.' During these songs there were screaming, rumbles of "woos," and dedicated fans knowing all the lyrics to her songs.

Shygirl closed the night with her fourth encore song, 'BDE.' The energy of the crowd just kept ramping up, and she left everyone, including myself wanting more! I recommend seeing Shygirl on her tour, Nymph Tour Pt. 1.

This month, Shygirl will be releasing the deluxe of her debut album. The pre-order link is linked below!


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