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Sly & The Family Stone’s Greatest Funkiest Grooviest Hits

I don’t normally collect greatest hits/compilation albums on vinyl but this is a very well-put-together collection of songs from the fantastic band Sly & The Family Stone that I couldn’t pass up.

The Record

Greatest Hits is a repression of a compilation album first released in 1970 and included all their singles from the previous three albums they had released. This album makes me envious of the treatment compilation albums got back then compared to the cd era and even now (the few times one is released). Everything from the packaging, the artwork to the treatment of the music itself was done with as much effort as any other album release. Despite it not being a double LP they do my favorite thing with record releases and have the cover fold open. It has a large vertical picture of the band and a forward about them which is always fun to read while absorbing the music.

The Music

What can I say, it’s some of the greatest songs from one of the greatest funk/soul bands of all time. For this release back in 1970 many of the songs were remastered, slightly remixed, and when applicable converted from mono to stereo, so this is arguably the best way to listen to many of these iconic tracks. They all sound absolutely fantastic and just as infectiously fun as ever. This is also the first time a few of these songs such as “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” have been on an album release at all.

Overall this is a great example of a greatest hits album being able to stand on its own, as well as being a genuinely important milestone for the band. It’s also fairly early in the band’s career so there is a good amount of music to listen to beyond the hits found on here.


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