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Sun Room Brings Their 2023 Tour to Tampa with Rising Band 0 Miles Per Hour

Edited By: Brianna Garza

members of sun room
Sun Room, photographed by Cole Ferguson

From Southern California, Sun Room traveled across the country to Florida for their 2023 headline tour. The indie-rock band includes Ashton Minnich on guitar, Max Pinamonti on bass, Gibson Anderson on drums, and Luke Asgian on lead vocals and guitar. Although they are a newer band who has only been releasing music since 2020, they have been unstoppable since their debut. Their two singles 'Something That You’re Missing’ and 'Crashed My Bike’ landed a place in the popular Netflix series, Outer Banks. They have headlined sold-out dates in LA and San Diego, have performed at Austin City Limits Music Festival, and have opened for Inhaler for their US tour. In addition to this array of live performances, they also opened for Louis Tomlinson from One Direction on his sold-out 2022 North American Tour.

I had the privilege of attending their show in Tampa on May 1st, and was left pleasantly surprised with their fun stage presence and humble personalities. I was able to sit in on a Q&A with the band prior to the show and got to hear three acoustic songs, one of which was unreleased, with about twenty other fans. During this Q&A, the band shared that they are mainly inspired by a variety of local bands from Long Beach, California, and announced that they would ultimately love to tour alongside Cage the Elephant, Arctic Monkeys, or The Neighbourhood at some point in their career. When asked about their most rewarding and most challenging moments as a band, Max was quick to joke that "waking up next to them every morning” is both a privilege and a challenge within itself. The rest of them agreed that touring and being able to headline shows is the most rewarding experience, but trying to stay healthy and get enough sleep during the process is a major obstacle. The next question asked by a fan was, "What are your favorite songs to perform live?” Ashton and Max find 'Cadillac’ to be the most fun to play, and Luke confirmed he enjoys performing 'Sunset Garage.’ Another fan asked about their time performing with 0 Miles Per Hour, as the rising band from Orlando supported them for three of their shows on the tour. Luke immediately smiled, saying that they have "super good energy and fantastic style,” and shared that they have loved getting to know them during their limited time of touring together.

members of 0 miles per hour
0 Miles Per Hour, photographed by @ianwokeup on Instagram

When opening the show, 0 Miles Per Hour immediately brought a captivating sound and fascinating energy to the stage. The alternative punk-rock band features Jackson Bates on guitar, Dakotah Walker on drums, Jack Dee on guitar and vocals, and Chrissy McKeever on vocals and bass. Their opening set included ten songs, all of which kept the crowd engaged and entertained. Throughout the set, the best part of watching them perform was witnessing the amount of fun they have on stage together. A strong bond exists within this group off-stage, and the consistent smiles when looking at each other while performing said it all. At the end of the show, each member handed out setlists, guitar picks, and drumsticks while packing up their equipment. With their powerful sound and unique style, this local Orlando band has been consistent in gravitating new fans wherever they go. If you live in Florida and haven’t seen a performance by 0 Miles Per Hour yet, I promise it’s a show that you do not want to miss.

Next, Sun Room enters the stage, causing loud cheers and excitement within the crowd. This was my first time seeing Sun Room live in concert, and I wasn’t sure what I would be stepping into. After talking with fans before the show, I knew this was about to be a performance I wish I had seen sooner. They opened with 'Summer’s Here,’ a groovy surf rock track from their 2020 debut EP Sol Del Sur. The crowd sang and danced along during the entire night and continued to chant the band’s name between songs. Their 19-song setlist included a cover of 'Police On My Back’ by The Clash, and Luke and Max’s vocals did the original song justice, as their tones fit the record amazingly. My favorite part of this set was their harmonies, as each band member stepped in on vocals at some point during the show. Strong bass and powerful drums backed the vocals, making it fun to watch each member separately during songs. Throughout the show, their drummer Gibson Anderson was my favorite to watch, not missing a single beat. Altogether, this band is a force that works perfectly, with their different vocals and stable indie-rock sound. After the show, the members went around talking to and taking pictures with fans. I took this opportunity to ask them how they enjoyed their time in Florida, after seeing Orlando, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, and Tampa. They all said they quickly fell in love with the state and intend to be back many times in the future. The band interacted with fans for at least an hour, leaving everyone walking out the door with a bright smile on their faces. This experience has already been added to my list of favorites, as Sun Room put on a show that is hard to forget.


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