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Sunsetto Explores the Power of Attraction with single 'too fast'

Edited by Anna Mengani

Toronto-based singer/songwriter and producer Sunsetto, (also known as Kyle Mischiek) released his single and music video "too fast" on October 21st. This song dives deep into the euphoric feeling of exploring a new relationship with someone.

Sunsetto produces music with themes of R&B, alternative, and pop. Paired with vivid lyricism and smooth vocals, this unique combination has gained him thousands of streams. His songs such as "don’t leave” have even earned him attention from Fashionably Early, Ones to Watch, and more!

"too fast" was inspired by the feeling of entering a new relationship and not wanting to take things slow because the vibe is so good,” sunsetto explains. “I wrote the song with no music, I was just hitting my chest on a voice memo and Lenno (producer) built the track around that.”


"too fast” illustrates the intense feelings someone can have when faced with a new potential partner. Though Sunsetto knows the risks of moving too fast into a relationship, saying that he "probably should be cautious," he is entranced by his partner and disregards any potential red flags. He is hopeful that he and his partner can continue to ride the high of feeling enveloped in each other's presence, saying “I don’t care, I don’t mind going out of body. We could get out of here."

The music video for "too fast," directed by Griffin O’Toole and moosecanfly, depicts a striking yet chill vibe by using bright visuals and unique camera angles. The video begins with Sunsetto singing in front of a car. As the melody speeds up, the camera captures him cruising down the streets, emulating the sudden rush of emotions when entering a new relationship.

We hope to hear and see more from him in the future!


Find more about Sunsetto here


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