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Surf Curse Wins Over Orlando at the Beacham

Edited by Anna Mengani

photo of the band surf curse

Nevada-based indie-rock band Surf Curse took on the popular downtown club/music venue The Beacham in Orlando on May 8th with openers Sour Widows. The crowd was packed with fans all dressed to the nines as they slowly swayed to soft-indie openers Sour Windows; getting ready to mosh their hearts out to Surf Curse.

As Surf Curse took on the stage, I watched from the balcony as the crowd came to life, jumping and moshing. The band played a variety of songs, including new and old. The band took a moment to talk about the previous Florida stops of their tour, accidentally starting the crowd to chant "F*ck Tampa" and "F*ck South Florida" as the band matched the chanting with quick instrumentals. The band launched right back into their set, rocking out the venue and breathing more energy and life into their fans; there was moshing, jumping, and crowd surfing as the music really took over the late-night club.

Surf Curse, consisting of Jacob Rubeck, Nick Rattigan, Noah Kholl, and Henry Dillon, finished their tour at Kilby Fest on May 14th, following the release of their latest album Magic Hour. You can hear more from Surf Curse below and check out their socials to keep updated on them!


Surf Curses' Social Media


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