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Tancred Plays Enchanting Tunes Mirepoix/Jars

Tancred (also known as Jess Abbott) released their brand new single "Jars" on November 16th and "Mirepoix" ft. Jenny Owen Youngs on October 26th. Both songs come after Tancred's 2018 LP Nightstand. The long-awaited new music was due to constant touring and recording, and Abbott returning back home to Maine. Her time spent back at home allowed her to hit a reset button on her music. Jess has been making music since she was 18 years old with the band Now Now, and has been growing since then.

The first out of Tancred's new single released, "Mirepoix" is a song that gives a sense of familiarity. The music sounds like a mix of Sparklehorse's It's a Wonderful Life with subtle 90s indie-inspired vocals. The lyrics are bittersweet, mixed with crackles of the past.

"Jars" is a single that tugs at your heartstrings. The bright acoustics make you nostalgic and reminisce about genuine love. "I wrote about the transition from being young and alone to being with someone who changes your life and kind of wakes you up from where you’ve been.”

-Jess Abbott

The instrumental is fluttery and full of hope, and Jess's vocals accompany the dreamy effect the song has. Between the acoustic guitar, vocals, and lyrics, I feel as if I'm in a daydream I don't want to wake up from.

We look forward to seeing what Tancred releases next!


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