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Harmonies in the Heart of Atlanta: An Evening with Tegan and Sara

Words edited by Tiffany Mercer

Set against the historic backdrop of Atlanta's Tabernacle, Tegan and Sara’s show on Monday, October 2nd was a heartwarming testament to their years of experience and deep connection with their fans. Opening for them was Carlie Hanson.

As part of their Crybaby tour, the duo seamlessly weaved together tracks from different eras of their career and highlighted top hits off their latest album, offering attendees a comprehensive musical experience. Their signature witty banter was in full swing, creating an atmosphere of intimacy and laughter. One fun moment was when a fan held a sign revealing the duo as their top Spotify artist; Tegan’s light-hearted reaction was that for four years her top band was Imagine Dragons, humorously adding that as she's getting older she only listens to music while working out, cooking, and puttering around the house. The evening was a reaffirmation of their timeless appeal, making it an essential experience for both long-time fans and newcomers.

Tegan and Sara


Tegan and Sara


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