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Musician, Educator, Manager: Terry Henderson does it all!

Edited by Anjali Harrichan

Terry Henderson is a highly influential, talented artist and businessman from Chicago. As the Founder and Artist Manager of TwelveThirty Entertainment, Terry holds a lot of responsibility in the industry. He is currently managing artists such as Issadora Ava, Boy Maj, and Lex Cole. As a person of color in the industry, Terry has had negative experiences, where judgment has played a major role. Because of this, he strives to promote diversity and inclusion among the talent and business side of the music industry.

"As a Black man and a Black creative, striving for excellence and a well-deserved seat at the table where people like me are usually stepped on or over, is essential to my purpose" - Terry Henderson

Terry discovered his love for all things music at the young age of 6 years old, singing in the United Voices Of Chicago choir. He spent twelve successful years with them, singing and traveling all over the world as well as having the opportunity to perform in twenty or more languages! Throughout his time in the choir, he learned to play the violin and piano, developing a strong love for opera. In 2006, Terry lost his brother to a horrible car accident. Extremely struck by the sudden loss of his mentor and role model, he channeled his feelings into the creation of beautiful music compositions. Because of this, thirteen-year-old Terry was able to put together TwelveThirty Entertainment.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree from DePaul University as well as a Master of Science in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University, Terry shifted his focus to vocal composition, specifically in the opera genre. He is currently taking on the role of Music Director at St. Mary Immaculate Path in Plainfield, as well as a private voice and contemporary coach at the Merit School of Music. As you can see, Terry is an extremely successful and talented musician, but also entrepreneurial, as he takes on different positions on both sides of the industry. Being a musician, talent manager, and creative educator can be a lot to handle, but Terry continues to show that with balance and patience, anything is possible!

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