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The 4411 Revamps Their Sound with New Single 'As You Please'

Edited by Brianna Garza

Photo by Mya Leffler

Since 2021, The 4411 has been an Indie Pop duo with tracks like 'Candy Heart’ and 'Sushi on the Beach.’ On November 10, 2023, they introduced themselves to a new genre. 'As You Please’ is a Folk track that drives inspiration from artists such as Hozier and Noah Kahan. Using TikTok to promote its release, the duo from Austin, Texas states that this song captures the feeling of being hopelessly devoted to someone. I had the pleasure of chatting with the band members, Tomas Gerlach and Cogan McBride, about The 4411's new single 'As You Please'.

Q: First, how did you decide your band name?

A: We really just wanted something that felt personal so 4411 comes from the address of where the band started.

Q: When you first started making music, who were you most inspired by? Has it changed since then?

A: I think when we first started, we had no idea what we were doing, and our influences changed every day because we didn’t know what we wanted The 4411 to be. Now with experience and exposure, we have found a lot of inspiration in artists like Hozier, Sammy Rae, the Friends, and Pink Floyd.

Q: What was the creative process like for this song, and how was it different than any other song you’ve made thus far?

A: When we were working on ‘As You Please,’ we had a lot of time and ideas on our hands, so it was very tedious and collaborative, making sure every little detail was how we wanted it. Everyone involved was in the room when recording and writing compared to other songs where one person may work on it and then show it to the other.

Q: What has been the most rewarding, as well as the most challenging, part of making ‘As You Please’?

A: The style of the song is more acoustic and folk than songs we have made in the past. And even lyrically, I would say it is a different style than what we have been making. So it was hard to push ourselves to that new level, but we really enjoy where we ended up with it.

Q: If you could pick any artist to open for on tour, who would it be?

A: Hozier would be super fun to open for.

Q: TikTok has become one of the biggest marketing platforms for new music, how do you feel the platform has impacted your success?

A: Short-form content is an artist’s best friend in today’s music world. It has helped us reach people we never thought we would be able to.

Q: What is one message you would give to your audience?

A: I would say that we appreciate every one of you. Being a small band, the first audience members are the hardest to get to care. So to anyone who cares about us, wherever we go next is because of you.

Q: What can the world expect next from you guys?

A: Recently, we have developed what we think we want The 4411 band to be musically and visually, so expect a lot of new stuff this coming year.

Listen to 'As You Please' here:


The 4411


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