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The Backseat Lovers Put on a Show Worth the Wait in Detroit, 7/25/23

Words edited by Anna Mengani

The Backseat Lovers are a staple in any and all indie-rock fans' playlists. The band came to Detroit, Mi on their waiting to spill tour. With a line wrapped around the Masonic temple going for countless block, Detroit was obviously aware that they were in for a great performance.

Opener Bendigo Fletcher came out to an eager audience ready to rock out with the lovers and blessed concertgoers with a smooth country-folk sound. Fletcher came out and sang a solo ballad with his acoustic before the other members of his band came out and surprised fans; Their musical range and high notes are reminiscent of bands such as Led Zeppelin and Greta van Fleet. Midway through their set, they brought in more of a rock and roll sound that really got fans pumped and energetic. They closed out the show with a warm farewell from Detroit as the masonic lit up with flashlights.

The backseat lovers came out to an ambient intro jam building into their song 'Know your name.' They flowed through their setlist with ease as thy led the crowd in callouts and callbacks. Concertgoers erupted as the first chords of the popular song 'pool house' began to ring out throughout the venue. Playing songs from their newest album release waiting to spill and classics from their breakout album when we were friends gave fans of new and extended longevity tons of opportunities to join in on the music! They played a new song 'waterfront' whilst fans gazed in awe of their favorite band and their musical talent. The crowd exploded when the bands arguably most popular song 'Kilby girl' jumping up and down to one of the most memorable guitar breakdowns of this generation. the same reaction arose during 'Maple syrup' one of their other hit songs. after ending the show and cheers ringing out the Masonic the band came back on for an encore as their closed out their show with fan favorite 'sinking ship.'


The Backseat Lovers


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