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Behind the Noise: Interview With the Returning Rock Band, The Exies

The Exies' frontman, Scott Stevens, standing on a hill with a guitar with a snowy town down behind him.

The well-seasoned rock band The Exies has returned after a long multi-year hiatus. Breaking their stent of musical silence with their first single since their last album, A Modern Way of Living With The Truth, in 2007. The highly dynamic group released "Spirits High," which was their first single for their latest EP, Closure Ep, on January 27th, 2023. With their recent highly anticipated EP, Closure Ep, released on June 28th, 2024, the band is undoubtedly going to ignite a new spark within the scene. We got the chance to talk to the frontman of The Exies, Scott Stevens, about their new EP, returning as a band, and much more in this exclusive interview!

Iceis: When you evaluate where you were as a band ten-plus years ago to now, how do you feel like you have evolved?

Scott: Time. Time has evolved us into deep feeling people. We do it for different reasons now. It’s to purely create without expectations.


Iceis: What do you feel like were some similarities and differences in your creative process writing this EP versus your past projects?

Scott: The differences were [that] these were recorded in home studios versus big studios with multiple tracking rooms. It allowed [us] to be more focused [on it] over time versus [creating] under a deadline. 


Iceis: When you compare your past work to your upcoming EP, what do you feel like sets it apart?

Scott: This EP [sets itself] apart because of the time that it took to make it. It’s a deeper, more realized body of work in the sense of how I see myself and [I] am able to express it.


Iceis: If you could choose lyrics from this EP to put on a billboard, what lyrics would you choose, and what would the billboard be for? 

Scott: My billboard [would say], “Is this euphoria? Cos I don’t feel a thing." The billboard would be a campaign for change. Most people I know are disillusioned with their current future.


Iceis: Fill in the blanks in the sentence. “Closure is the best EP to listen to when you’re feeling blank, because blank.”



Iceis: What things [or] goals would you like to achieve with the momentum from this EP release?

Scott: [As far as] goals [go], I don’t have any real goals. I just want people to listen if they choose to because it’s about connection. [Playing] shows are good goals, I guess. But again, we’re taking this one step at a time.


Iceis: What is the most important thing for people to know about The Exies?

Scott: [The] most important thing [to know about The Exies is that] we allow a free space for you to wear every emotion you have, and we get it. We are all trying to find our path to happiness in [the] dark time of technological adolescence. We’re trying to stay human, and it’s hard as hell. We get you. 


Iceis: Other than the release of this EP, is there anything you’re looking forward to personally, professionally, or both?

Scott: I’m just stoked [our EP is] out. It’s no longer ours. It’s everyone else’s, so do with it what you will.


The Exies


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