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The Japanese House in Her "Adopted Hometown" Detroit

Words Edited by Anna Mengani

The Japanese House brought her tour back to where she's been residing, Detroit, Michigan. She shared an extraordinary night with her friends and loved ones that night.

On a cold winter night, fans of Amber Bain AKA The Japanese House were lined up around blocks to see the Detroit stop on the magical tour. The tour featured artists like local up-and-coming artist self-described as a "silly little songwriter" and another rising star Quinnie known for her song that blew up on Tik Tok 'touch tank.' artist Ally Evenson opened up the night. Concertgoers instantly fell in love with her it seemed. A fan audibly gasped "She's so cute!" when she walked out. Afterward, the crowd was mesmerized by the melodies and the warm melancholiness of the music. Next on the lineup to leave the audience awe-struck was Quinnie as her and her two best friends graced the stage and gave something special and unique. It carried the essence of freedom in the lyrics for many in the audience to scream out.

Headlining this beautiful night was The Japanese House on the cuff of her sophomore album in the end it always does. She kicked off the night with one of her more dancey songs that starts off very ethereal 'sad to breathe' which is featured on her most recent release. ITEIAD sessions feature re-imagined versions of many of Ambers's hit songs. With such a vast repertoire of songs presenting such different complex emotions, she was able to take us on such an emotional rollercoaster. Detroit allowed Amber to express how special this night was for her due to the amount of loved ones in the audience. There was this aura of support in the crowd as it was filled with friends and family of all of the artists. The music from this last album was so dancey and poppy with help from artists such as Matty Healy from The 1975, Charli XCX, Katie Garvin from MUNA, and a few other amazing artists; the vibes were immaculate. To end the show we got a special song. 'one for sorrow, two for Joni Jones' dedicated to Amber's beloved dog Joni Jones. If you want to experience The Japanese House, check them out on all music platforms and follow them on socials for more info about the tour!

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