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The Phantom Friends Release 'Can't You See' Out Now!

Charlotte-based band The Phantom Friends have released 'Cant You See' on December 23rd, an insanely catchy indie synth rock single. The band has been around since 2016. Their music features a strong background in jazz, alternative rock, and other progressive influences. The band's discography is full of energy and fascinating twists within their music. Their music will have you on your toes and is truly an experience. If you are a fan of Foo Fighters or The Allman Brothers, you will love The Phantom Friends.

'Can't You See' is a song that draws inspiration from the arena rock era. As soon are you hear the guitar and vocals when the song starts, you know it's going to be good. Their newest single has undoubtedly catchy hooks, hypnotizing vocals, and bouncy drums. The guitar playing is very energetic and suits the song perfectly as well.

'Can't You See' is about trying to get through to the people you love, including yourself while knowing there are things that are standing in the way of your happiness. It's a song dedicated to clearing the negativity out of your life, which is not always the easiest thing.

"You're not wrong again. But can't you feel, can't you feel? You're coming on too strong without a cause again? You got to open up your heart and let it out. You've been dying to break these walls, and now you know you've got to let it burn."

-The Phantom Friends

Check out The Phantom Friends social media below! We are stoked to hear what music the band will be releasing next in 2023.


The Phantom Friends Social Media


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