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The Rose Releases Emotional New Indie-Rock Duo-logy 'Back To Me/Alive'

Edited by Anna Mengani

Photo by: Christian Haas

Attention all Black Roses!

The Rose has officially unveiled their latest masterpiece, and let me tell you, it is an immersive experience! In a striking departure from their reflective and somber HEAL album, as well as their first full album release since the Dawn EP back in 2018, this time, The Rose delivers a whole new experience. Brace yourselves for less introspection and more of that raw emotional dissonance that casts a mesmerizing charm on your heart. Get ready for a journey that will take us to the depths of our souls with 'Back To Me/Alive'.

Back To Me

Upon first hearing the teaser for 'Back To Me,' I was immediately drawn to Woosung's vocals, as per usual. There's an inexplicable euphoria in the way he pours his emotions into every note, hitting me right in the feels. The hauntingly layered background vocals during the chorus add an enchanting touch to the song, giving me actual chills. And that final chorus, echoing through the silence, is nothing short of mesmerizing.

I must admit, as much as I was drawn to Woosung's voice in the teaser, Dojoon's verse in 'Back To Me' is equally alluring and sentimental. It might just be my favorite part of the song, apart from that incredibly catchy chorus, of course. Especially the lyrics: “Since you told me hit the road I've been running on empty If anything I know, it's how to ruin a happy ending."

Not only are these lyrics of the song incredibly melodic, if you’ve ever been in any kind of relationship where you’ve felt the turmoil of putting most of the effort in and still coming out of it upside down, bent over backwards, and spent, it’s heavily relatable.

It’s one of those songs you dance around your kitchen too, it carries a scream-worthy chorus, seductive guitar riffs and intense drum beats that only The Rose can execute so beautifully. Just listening to the song I can already see it's a concert favorite and absolutely magnetic live. The emo child and K-POP stan in me absolutely adores this piece and immediately added it to my everyday playlists.


'Alive' takes you on a different journey altogether. The softer vibe and synth-pop energy give it a dreamy and liberating essence. It's the kind of song you'd play at three am during a night drive through the city, feeling free and “alive”, so to speak. It’s enchanting and liberating all at once and brings an echo of peace you can't quite describe. Alive feels like it is processing the heavy emotions that 'Back To Me' brought on. Depending on which order you listen to them in 'Alive' can also be interpreted as a precursor to the inevitable ending expressed in 'Back To Me.' I prefer to think of 'Alive' as the freedom of letting go of the toxicity of the relationship (be it romantic or not) expressed in 'Back To Me' as well.

Listening to 'Alive' for the first time I was taken aback by the shift in atmosphere that the beat drop at 2:27 gave. It was an electric serotonin boost and further impacted my newfound love for this release. I was absolutely floored.

There's a set of lyrics in 'Alive' that really resonated with me: "Walking through the smoke and not even chokin', don't know where I'm going, I'm not even scared." They may seem simple, but they carry a deep sense of fearlessness and empowerment that resonates with me on a physical and spiritual level. It speaks to the uncertainty of life and getting older, while still holding on to freedom and youthfulness.

In a true showcase of The Rose's boundless talent and artistry, 'Back To Me/Alive' emerges as a masterful indie-rock duo-logy that hits you right in the heart. These two tracks, each with its own distinct vibe, take you on an emotional rollercoaster you won't forget. 'Back To Me' grips you with powerful vocals, haunting choruses, and lyrics that hit close to home, while 'Alive' offers a softer, synth-pop-infused escape that leaves you feeling empowered and liberated.

The magic of this duo-logy lies in the perfect balance between raw emotional dissonance and a sense of cathartic release. With every note, The Rose invites us to confront our inner turmoil and then find solace and freedom in the captivating melodies of 'Alive.' The chemistry between the band members is undeniable, adding a special touch that makes the experience even more profound.

As a devoted Black Rose, I couldn't be happier with this release, and my heart swells with pride for the boys. 'Back To Me/Alive' stands as an awe-inspiring duo-logy that flawlessly showcases The Rose's boundless talent and artistic brilliance. The emotional dissonance of 'Back To Me' and the liberating atmosphere of 'Alive' combine to take us on an unforgettable rollercoaster ride of emotions and self-discovery. The chemistry between the band members is simply magical, and you can feel their passion in every note. This duo has me over the moon. Without a doubt, it cements The Rose's position as a force to be reckoned with in the indie-rock genre. I am eagerly awaiting what extraordinary music lies ahead for this immensely talented band.

So, to all my fellow Black Roses, don't miss out on this euphoric journey

– give 'Back To Me/Alive' a listen now!

Writer's note:

Amidst the release of these two songs The Rose also announced their upcoming US and Canada Tour dates and that these two pieces will be a part of their next album which goes by the name of DUAL. For more info you can check out their website here and download their exclusive app The Rosarium.


The Rose


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