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The Rose's Sentimental Album Heal

Edited by Ari Hamed

The Korean indie rock band The Rose is back with their first full-length album Heal. The album was highly anticipated after the group took a nearly three-year hiatus to pursue individual schedules. Heal was released to all major streaming platforms on October 6th, 2022.

This ten-track album features two instrumentals “~” and “-”. Both songs set a tone of sentiment for Heal with soft beats and nature-like sounds. "Definition of ugly is” follows the first track and opens strongly with Woosung's beautifully controlled vocals. Then, it picks up with a steady rock melody. The song is emotional and touches on the idea of seeking comfort in times of insecurity and loneliness.

"Childhood” was a pre-release single for the album and was released on September 15th, 2022. The song captures a sense of longing for childhood innocence and talks about the importance of living life to the fullest. It is also a reflection of how the group has grown together alongside their fans. The accompanying music video conveys these messages through the use of interpretive dancers in a forest setting. The group’s vocals really shine on this slowed-down acoustic track.

The singles "Cure” and "Time” are notably more upbeat but just as softhearted in feeling. They add just the right amount of musical contrast in the middle of the album. The sixth track on the album"See-Saw” is both comforting and moving and the lyrics suggest a call-and-response. One side speaks of uncertainty about feeling okay after enduring constant pain. The lyrics are a response, giving us reassurance that everything will be alright

"Like a see-saw with different ends / I’ll relieve the weight off you, slowly, little by little"

-The Rose

This is one of my favorite songs on the album and I appreciate its relatability. It’s truly a light in the dark for those going through a difficult time. Heal concludes with the title track “Sour.” The chorus is catchy and the rock instrumental stands out. The accompanying music video follows closely to the nature theme of the album and shows the band performing in various scenic locations.

I’m excited to see the group making music again and look forward to their next release.

You can catch The Rose on their Heal Together World Tour until 2023 (read our review for their Chicago show).

Upcoming Tour Dates

11/16 Anaheim, House of Blues

11/20 Los Angeles, Hollywood Palladium

11/26 Mexico City, Auditorio BB

11/28 Santiago, Teatro Coliseo

11/30–12/2 Lima, Arena Bar

12/4 São Paulo, Espaço Unimed

12/6 Buenos Aires, C Complejo Art Media

1/23 Brussels, La Madeleine

1/25 Zürich, Volkshaus

1/26 Milan, Alcatraz


Find The Rose Here


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