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The Sinners Three Rock Harlingen Texas

The Sinners Three performed a rehearsal show at The 83 Winery in Harlingen, Texas on Friday, September 30th. My sister and I had the pleasure of seeing them. As we made our first step through the door, we were immediately greeted by Joey, the lead singer, and guitarist. We were seated and Chelsi, Joey’s wife, served us the whole evening. The performance was held in the back patio area and felt very welcoming.

The Sinners Three performed some covers, which the crowd was a huge fan of, and some originals as well. My favorite song and cover of the night was definitely “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, which Joey had also mentioned in our interview. The diversity in their music was amazing, I mean they even played “I Want It That Way” by the Back Street Boys in their own way. Now that I have heard it in a different tempo, I do agree with Joey, that sounds way more creepy and stalkerish than a love song. Their cover of Wonderwall was just as amazing. My sister and I said it was the kind of cover to be playing in a romantic comedy when the main characters have their first kiss. Toward the end, they played my favorite song on the album “Smoking”, which I have to say sounds just as amazing in person!

I can’t wait to see to hear more music from them soon.


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