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The Thing With Feathers Comes Back Strong With 'As If It's Only Me and You'

Edited by Iceis Augustino

The members of The Thing With Feathers huddled together in front of a pink wall staring into the distance.
Photo Credit: Music Mecca Magazine

Nashville natives The Thing With Feathers, dropped a new single, 'As If It's Only Me and You' on January 26th, 2024, and it is exactly as exciting as it sounds. This was the first song of theirs I ever heard, and it was quite an experience. David, Alex, and Chris absolutely demolished this song in the best way possible, and I am so thankful that this is the first song of theirs I got to hear. I actually had a friend of mine recommend them to me, and I thought, "Why not?" I did not regret my decision at all. They give me alt-punk from the 2000s, and I'm fully here for it. The lyrics are sweet and poignant. However, the punchy alternative sound made me love the song even more. With only 18K listeners on Spotify, I think they're a perfect group to get into if you're into less mainstream groups, but I would love for them to be more popular. Their sound also reminds me of Djo, which is headed by Stranger Things actor Joe Keery.

It is pop-punk and indie all at once. The lead singer's voice is soft and melancholy at first about the song's protagonist. The song is giving vibes from Coldplay, the 1975, and The Strokes. It is upbeat but full of passion and pain for the protagonist. "Sometimes I miss you, but sometimes I'm not the only one." David's lyrics hit home and remind me of a time back in middle school when all I would listen to was Indie-Rock, Emo vibe music, like All Time Low, and bands like that. "Next time, I wonder what you're waiting for, as if it's only me and you." This song is full of imagery and full of story when it comes to how the relationship is not doing great, in my opinion. "Just a taste of a little Sun? It never hurt no one. No regrets. We were having fun. You’re not the only one. You were pulling me in. I was telling you 'no.'" These are some of my favorite lyrics when it comes to this song. You can feel the internal battle of the person in the song not wanting to fall for the games of the love interest again.

I absolutely think that you would enjoy this song and the other songs from this band! They just finished their big tour, and I believe that it would be so exciting to see them live. If you missed them on tour, please keep an eye out on their social media for more to come! Check out the song below!


The Thing With Feathers


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