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Thomas Day Brings Christmas Early With Santa Claus is Back in Town Cover

Words edited by Anna Mengani

Thomas Day brings Christmas back early with his newest cover "Santa Claus is Back in Town,” released on November 4th from Arista Records. After blowing up on TikTok over quarantine and generating quite a fanbase, Thomas brings back a classic Elvis cover with his own bluesy modern take. His use of upbeat guitar riffs mixed with his boyish rasp captivates listeners with a simple repeating harmony line in the back.

Thomas’s appreciation for music and blues is evident in his cover, as he really brings the Christmas spirit into the song. Growing up in Tennessee, it’s evident how music has always been such a huge part of his life and the passion he has for it; even turning down multiple college football offers to pursue music full time. Thomas's Christmas cover is the perfect soundtrack to an adventurous Christmas in the south, bringing warm tones and feelings to every listener. It’s a cover that fills your heart with spirit and brings back the true meaning of a good old southern Christmas.

Growing up listening to Elvis Presley’s Elvis’ Christmas Album, covering “Santa Claus Is Back in Town” felt like a natural choice for Thomas to cover. "I just had to cover it because it’s almost a part of me in a way." He’s been teasing some more new songs coming soon through his TikTok and has been getting fans pretty excited for some new tunes in the spring.

You can listen to Thomas’s cover, as well as his other tracks on Spotify. We look forward to hearing more music from him!


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