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Tigers Jaw Rocks the Crossroads on Friday the 13th

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Photo by @morongod on Instagram

On Friday the 13th in Garwood, New Jersey, Tigers Jaw headlined a spectacular night of music with openers Shannen Moser and Yowler at The Crossroads.

When Shannen Moser opened the night, it was truly hypnotic. The sweet-sounding acoustics from their guitar and the folk style were so nice to hear. They were on stage by themselves, although they usually perform on stage with their band. Even as a soloist, they had everyone in the audience captivated by their music, and it created a more intimate experience. My favorite song of the night by Shannen was 'Oh My God.'

The second set on the night was Yowler. The Philly-based artist was a great transition and livened the night up a little more. 'Go' is an amazing song from Yowler's setlist. I thoroughly enjoyed the lyrics in their songs and every musician's stage presence.

Before alternative/indie band Tigers Jaw even entered the stage, the audio started to find their spots to see the band up close. Once we saw the band, the crowd started walking closer toward the stage cheering. There were some huge fans in the crowd and a mix of new and longtime fans. Some fans brought a flag they made with "Tigers Jaw" written on it and some art which was truly exciting to see. I've been listening to Tigers Jaw since my Tumblr days back in 2010. However, the Scranton, Pennsylvania band has been around since 2005.

Their setlist consisted of songs off their most recent albums I Won't Care How You Remember Me, spin, and their most popular self-titled album Tigers Jaw. 'Escape Plan' was my favorite song off the setlist. However, once they played 'Plane vs. Tank vs. Submarine' off their album Tigers Jaw, the crowd went wild, including myself. The wave of nostalgia and excitement flooded the whole crowd, and it was genuinely a night to remember. They truly are a real cool band.

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