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Our Top 5 Songs of April 2023

1: 'Too Close' by Sknt

'Too Close' is part of Sknt's debut album No Saints, released on April 28th. Sknt is an Irish singer/songwriter based in Sweden. 'Too Close has catchy beats, iconic pop melodies, and a nostalgia factor that makes you feel ready for summer.

Snkt: Spotify | Instagram

2: 'Get a Grip' by Anderson Hao ft. Lance Redeker

'Get a Grip' is the third single off of Anderson's upcoming EP. The acoustics in the single are warm and soft, and so are Anderson's vocals. If you're a fan of music by Beabadoobee or chloe moriondo, you'd love 'Get a Grip.'

Anderson Hao: Spotify | Instagram

3: 'Statues' by Buzz

'Statues' will be part of Buzz's first EP On Matters of Searching, to be released on May 19th! The single is dreamy, cosmic, and sweet. If you're searching for an artist whose music makes you feel extraterrestrial, like FKA Twigs, Grimes, or Rebecca Black, listen to Buzz!

Buzz: Spotify | Instagram | EP Presave

4: 'Oh My God' by Beharie

'Oh My God' is an immensely catchy and groovy indie-soul song by Beharie. Beharie is a rising star in the music scene who exudes raw talent. He has already managed to win a Norwegian Grammy Award at such a young age. His melodies are similar to Frank Ocean in both voice and melodies, check him out!

Behaire: Website| Spotify | Instagram | Tour Dates

5: 'Stupid Human' by Blame My Youth

'Stupid Human' is a song simply about, a stupid human. The vocals are powerful, and the melodies include nostalgic pop-punk chords. When listening to this song, you genuinely feel like this song comes from the heart. I cannot suggest listening to this band enough if you're a rock fan.

Blame My Youth: Spotify | Instagram

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Honorary mention: 'Bel Esprit' by Canary Complex

'Bel Spirit' is part of Canary Complex's album The Tragic Dance of Dying Leaves which was released on March 31st. He has a very prominent Japanese visual kei influence, with some goth, indie rock, and dreamy flair to his music. They're currently my new favorite artist to listen to, and I would recommend them to anyone who likes The Cure, Roxy Music, The Static Drive, or music that sounds like it could be part of an anime soundtrack.

Canary Complex: Spotify | Instagram

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