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Trevor Hall Releases 'shake it out', a Celebration of Creative Power

Edited by Anna Mengani

A picture of Trevor Hall with blond hair, a bandana around his neck and a long necklace
Photo by David Cohn

Trevor Hall, a Colorado-based indie folk artist, releases 'shake it out', his third single of 2023. Hall says 'shake it out' is about "moving energy, releasing anything that doesn’t serve our highest good, and tapping into that creative power that’s within us all, and celebrating it!"

In 'shake it out,' Trevor Hall explores his beloved music genre, future folk, but also brings fresh air into its production to give it a unique sound. Hall’s lyrics include "I'm calling you just to say / We sing in a different way / We're taking it day by day / But love it don't go astray." Throughout the song, Trevor Hall repeats and encourages listeners to ‘shake it out’ to be their true selves and to embrace their inside power, like an ode to the spirit of freedom. Featuring an upbeat production and engaging vocals, ‘shake it out’ is the recipe for engraving its message into people’s minds.

'shake it out' follows the release of hello my son and all of my lessons. All three singles will be on his new album ‘TREVOR HALL AND THE GREAT IN BETWEEN’, out September 15th. You can expect pure creativity, self-exploration and new raw and unfiltered facets of Hall.

Since 2017, Trevor Hall has released his music independently and toured in several venues across the world, including Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Go see Trevor Hall live:

Sept 22-24 @ Cascade Equinox Festival | Redmond, OR

Dec 1-5 @ Only The Wild Ones Weekend | Puerto Morelos, Mexico


Trevor Hall


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