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Tyler Elden & The Night Figures Release Their Debut Single 'Bruised Love'

Edited by Amesha Tiwari

Tyler Elden, a multi-genre singer-songwriter from New Jersey, has been releasing monthly singles since October 2022. Each single embodies the influences of progressive rock and folk - and everything in between. Lovers of indie to post-hardcore find these melodic singles refreshing for the genre and are excited to see what is next for Tyler. Breaking into 2023, Tyler and his new music collective Tyler Elden & The Night Figures present their first release 'Bruised Love.'

Under this new collective, Tyler expresses the more hardcore side of his writing, by creating a deeper level of sound in comparison to his previous releases. The post-modern rock influences in his new single 'Bruised Love' are apparent; reminding me of my teenage angst years when I would roll down my car windows in the summer and jam out to Everlong by the Foo Fighters - very moody but freeing at the same time. The sobering honesty of lines like "Even if you succumb to bitter rage / I stay by your side / No judgment or pride” combined with rock guitar riffs and drums, reveal how perfectly the collective balances their indie roots while bringing the energy from post-hardcore rock.

The Night Figures consist of six friends from Pennsylvania: Vini Stamato on bass and vocals; Jim Ellis on guitar, piano, and vocals; Matt Weber on drums; Matthew Jince on keys, Violeta Garcia on cello; and, of course, Tyler Elden on guitar, acoustic vocals, and vocals. Fortunately, this is the first of many releases soon to come from the collective. Make sure to keep an eye out for more!


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